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We are living in the era of thriving visual communication.

From cavemen to the modern world, people are wired to visuals. We started drawing pictures before we could write

But why visuals are so impactful?

It's scientifically proven that 90% of all the information transmitted to the brain is visual. In addition, the human brain processes visuals up to 60,000 times faster than text.

Visuals help capture viewers' attention and make a message clear.

Visuals play a major role in the everyday life of the person in 21st-century

  • Foods and drinks

  • Health and sleep

  • Mindfulness and wellness

  • Generally speaking, all products that we use

Imagine, if you could use the tool that would enable you to...

  • Change the way people feel

  • Attract people's attention

  • Change people's behavior

  • Influence people to make decisions

Because that's what we all want the most. That's what you want the most for yourself, your business, and your clients.

But does it exist?

Yes! And you can learn it to communicate your ideas more effectively, attract the right people to your brand, and even change the way humans behave.

Design a powerful tool that helps you tell stories, sell your products and services.

Design is many things. It is communication, it’s art, and it’s a way to solve problems and understand the world around us.

Every master started with the Base – foundational principles that are the core of any design profession.

This course puts together the most important things you need to know about design, from the design thinking process to basic visual skills to iterating and more – all learned from 10+ years of designing.

It's for everyone

  • Who wants to change the direction of life and find their meaning in design.

  • Who started diving into the design but got stuck and wants to learn in an organized way.

  • Who plans to go freelance or build a creative career they always dreamed about.

What you will get?

Base is a self-paced practice-oriented course created to help you leverage visuals.

  • 11 modules

  • 8 projects

  • Final case study

  • Weekly feedback sessions

  • Exclusive Discord community

What you will learn?

  • Create stunning work in Figma (free tool)

  • Use the colors to influence people's decisions

  • Apply typography principles to help people consume content

  • Use composition to create structure

  • Ideate, sketch, and test ideas quickly

  • Apply design elements to help solve business problems

  • Communicate with developers effectively

  • Present your design projects to clients

How does it work?

  • Set your goals for the course

  • Choose a project to work on

  • Go through the modules, read and learn

  • Practice with the self-paced homework assignment

  • Get feedback from your mentor and other students

  • Iterate, practice, and improve

What student's say

"The mentorship experience with Alex went above and beyond my expectations. Alex always provided feedback promptly (even with a large time difference between our regions) and his feedback was precise - it honed in on areas of the design that could be improved and he provided suggestions in response to not only questions that I asked but also aspects that I didn’t notice." — Michelle T.

"Great offering for devs without design capabilities like me... Something that I always hate is very often I am asked to just `design something that works` on the spot. Always a struggle! Now something to learn to help me make better decisions when I am being asked to redo components." — Jim J.

"I like how Alex challenged me when it came to improving my designs. He always wanted me to explore different iterations and areas to further improve whatever it is I was designing, which deepened my understanding of design." — Bedour A.‌‌

"Your philosophy as a designer is really inspiring. There are a lot of IG pages of designers where they show only the finished product but not the process and key elements. I'm really glad I came across your page and thankful for all the knowledge you have shared with us!" — Arnab B.

Push your design skills to the next level to create visually stunning, impactful work.

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  • By purchasing Base you get access to the main Notion file + the extras below
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